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“The Yoyo Effect” movie

Producer and director by Michala Siewierski, the award-winning filmmaker, the creator of “Food Choices” in the feature documentary “The Yoyo Effect”, speaks about diet and weight loss, but also of the food industry. Through interviews with celebrities, authors, doctors, health professionals, it promotes vegan diets, as something that improves the health and maintenance of lower body weight in the long run.

The film that the weight loss industry does not want you to see!

Siewierski wants to raise awareness of America’s biggest pandemic – obesity.
70 % of the US population is obese and a large proportion of them are trying to lose weight.

Yoyo Effect wants to present information from world-class nutrition experts, new ideas from science and health experts on weight loss, and different approaches, but also points out the misinformation circulating about weight loss.

Although the documentary advocates a complete plant-based diet to achieve healthy sustainable weight loss and improve health, it also highlights the disadvantages of vegan junk (processed) foods, which prevent weight loss.

The film should be watched by everyone, not just those who have problems with obesity, because proper nutrition restores health and proper eating habits should be incorporated into by family members.