Picture by Pablo Merchan Nontes-UnsplashPhoto by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

Hippocrates:“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.”

Food builds us, gives us energy, influences us biologically and psychologically. Each meal can change your strength, mood and emotions. Often, it is the only comfort when we are sad, unhappy and lonely. Consuming food affects our health. Proper food choices can improve our body, mind and mood, and improper food choices can cause illnesses in our body. Medication can help, but when we become so ill that medicines can no longer help us, because the disease keeps coming back, when even the herbal preparations can no longer help us, we will eventually realize that the only thing that can help us is to change our diet. Nutrition is the key to everything; it, along with physical activity (work), is the component in your life that gives you quality, healthy and long life.

It was discovered long ago by Hippocrates from Kos (460 BC – 380 BC), the most famous Greek physician, the father of scientific medicine of all time, whose saying on food should be the basis on which healthy nutrition is based.

By eating good energy from food, we can renew our energy. When to eat and how to eat is only part of what you need to know, so that the foods we choose and consume will give us positive energy and lead us towards health.