Green juices – why should we drink green juices ?

The most important thing about green juices is that they are a source of vegetable proteins.

Proteins are essential for the construction and normal functioning of the human body, building muscle and allowing the normal functioning of the human brain. What is the secret of proteins and why are people convinced that they can only get them from meat or milk and dairy products?

Each protein molecule consists of a chain of amino acids. A total of 20 amino acids are involved in the human body. Of of these 20, 11 are produced by the body itself, while the remaining 9, which are also called the essential amino acids, must be brought in through diet.

Lack of certain amino acids in the body can cause mental and physiological imbalance, depression, lack of concentration and energy, and a strong craving for undesirable substances such as: sweets, coffee, sugars, alcohol, chocolate, tobacco or drugs.

The green parts of vegetables are full of proteins, made up of individual amino acids, which are used more easily by the body than complex proteins from meat. A variety of vegetables can provide us with all the proteins we need to maintain our unique bodies.

Cereal and vegetable proteins do not rot in the stomach, unlike animal proteins, whose decomposition begins immediately after the death of the killed animal. This is prevented by freezing, adding spices and chemical compounds or by thermal treatment of the meat before consumption. After consuming animal proteins, this decay continues in the large intestine, where there is a group of bacteria that dissolve animal fat and protein, but the amount of food that people eat today cannot be completely dissolved by the process of metabolism.

As a result, excess ammonia and bile acids are created, and harmful bacteria are produced that lead to changes in the colon walls, damaging the cells and reducing the body’s natural resistance to infections.