forest green 1 - Forest Green Rovers (FGR), the greenest club in the world
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Forest Green Rovers (FGR), the greenest club in the world

The United Nations has rewarded the the English vegan football team Green Rovers (FGR) , because their net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is zero. It was the first such recognition by an international organization to a professional sports team.

Forest Green Rovers (FGR) is a team that has compet in League Two, the fourth tier of English football, and has play their home games on new lawn since 2006

They removed all animal products in 2015 from the stadium menu, installed solar panels, have a chemical-free lawn and solar-powered lawn mowers and electric vehicle charging stations on the new lawn.

It’s the greenest club in the world and all players are vegan and wear vegan clothes.

Football is a game that cannot be imagined without burgers and chips at games – but they offer their fans instead of red meat and snacks freshly made vegan burgers, pizzas, vegan fajitas, fries and other local vegan dishes that have made a huge impact on fans, players and even other clubs. Ever since they became the official vegan club, with their approach they have been sending a message about sustainable vegan food that can be consumed anywhere and that way they have almost of two billion people audience .

They were been commended at the British Pie Awards and received the Menu of the Year award from Sport and Leisure Catering Magazine.