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Eat According To The Colours Of The Rainbow

Studying phytochemicals in food, graphic designer, photographer and home chef Russell Van Kraayenberg, based in Texas, has published on his blog Chasing Delicious a chart showing the content of phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals in food. Phytonutrient content is related to food color.

If you want to bring more specific vitamins or minerals into your diet or are wondering what types of food will help you get certain types of nutrients (and which nutrients are good), the coded chart will help you out.

From a quick glance at the chart you will be able to see which nutrients are in which foods. You can choose the foods according to the ingredients you want to increase in your body. These types of nutrients you will get from different fruits and vegetables are grouped by colour and preparation time in the chart, from low cooking time in the centre to longer cooking time around the rim.

This chart is simple, easily, memorable and easy to use. It tells us that for a healthy organism it is necessary to “eat according to the colours of the rainbow“, ie to include as many coloured fruits and vegetables in our diet, especially the raw one.

Phytochemicals are the thousands of biologically active, non-nutritional chemicals found in plants. Some have a positive effect on health and some have none. But mostly when using the term “phytochemicals”, we mean those substances in plants that have health-improving properties.

If you want a full size and full quality chart or even want to print a chart ($ 18) for your kitchen, you can get one at the Chasing Delicious blog.

Russell Van Kraayenberg Chasing Delicious - Eat According To The Colours Of The Rainbow
Russell Van Kraayenberg (Chasing Delicious)